Old Map of Bangalore from 1791

[space height=30] Ink wash plan of Bangalore by Robert Home drawn in 1791 during the “Siege of Bangalore”. Arriving before the town on 5 February 1791, British forces led by Earl of Cornwallis captured the town by assault on 7 February, and after six weeks of siege, stormed the fortress on 21 March. To the […]

Tipu’s Tiger Cannon Gun

  [space height=20] The British forces took this beautiful ornate cannon from Srirangapatna after defeating and killing Tipu Sultan in the 4th Anglo-Mysore War in 1799 CE. Tipu is known to have used Tiger motif on his throne, weapons, jewellery, clothing, palace walls to create an image of himself as being a courageous and ferocious […]